Tigermouse newshttp://tigermouse.epsi.pl/Tigermouse - Ajax framework for PHP: News and Announcementsen-usRSS package for Tigermouse PHP/AJAX framework $editorMichal Slaby Your Tigermouse wish listhttp://tigermouse.epsi.pl/news.php?id=20When I started Tm over 2 years ago it was merely a request dispatcher with Ajax handler and view infrastructure. On model part there was only simple DataSource aiding table views. There was million of things missing. Now, as it grows and gets feature complete I am wondering how could it be improved even more. So here I go directly to you - developers, users, potential contributors and missed audience - with two questions: * What is the biggest missing thing in Tigermouse? * How would you like Tigermouse to improve in near term? Life is about making correct choices, so choose your two missing features and share them. I want to implement your requests now! http://tigermouse.epsi.pl/feed.php?id=20 Ongoing development outlinehttp://tigermouse.epsi.pl/news.php?id=19Long time no news. We had an outage few days ago, but things are back up now. Domain name and hosting space were extended for another year. Some development has been made recently and DB subsystem is now totally overhauled. I decided to toss old DBAdapter model in favour of PDO. All database operations are now automatically escaped improving overall security. Also, DBFactory has been greatly improved providing easy access to many connections as well as different config files (much like Ruby/Rails). Documentation has been updated to address changes. Pull the latest SVN and test new DB layer implementation. All feedback is welcome. http://tigermouse.epsi.pl/feed.php?id=19 Developer Release 1.7http://tigermouse.epsi.pl/news.php?id=18After 3 months of rather lazy development there is [https://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=173530|DR1.7 available for download]. Focusing on error abbility has been added, Javascript bridging for HTML response is now available, caching subsystem, Wiki translation gratly improved and new documentation are just to name few. See the full change log. Changes in Tigermouse DR1.7: * FocusFilter added * focus-on-error facility for Validation subsystem * HTTPResponse reworked so now Javascript bindings work for regular requests, too * Regular requests now may require controllers to return root view (e.g. Index) * Caching subsystem implemented as InterceptingFilter * ActionAggregate replaced with ActionComposite accepting arrays * Listener now accepts multiple IActionAdapter in constructor * ViewXMLBuilder infrastructure added * WikiTranslator improvements, ToC support added * SQL condition based ActiveRecord loading * User/Auth model classes added * Action string absolute paths * Built-in documentation * HTTPResponse/HTTPRequest classes renamed due to colision with http extension * Window is now in fixed position * WikiTranslator now can be appended with custom modes Share and enjoy!http://tigermouse.epsi.pl/feed.php?id=18 Developer Release 1.6 (and 1.6.1)http://tigermouse.epsi.pl/news.php?id=16I am happy to announce immediate availability of Tigermouse DR1.6.1. Download it from [https://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=173530|Sourceforge]. This release introduces many interesting features and fixes old bugs. Significant contribution has been made by Antoine Choppin and Bill Noyce. If you wish to upgrade your installation, please use Upgrade Assistant from menu on left. From changelog: * RequestSetupFilter fixes (corrupt FormContexts, 0 confused with empty string) * Window wrapper size fixes (horizontal, vertical in IE) * Release map builder in autobuild.php script * one-to-one relations removed from ActiveRecord * SQLDataSource constructor change, DBAdapter parameter optional * Javascript base64 encoding workaround * Quotes bug fixed in Form valueReader() * Quotes handling in views * update() handler rewrite * MySQLDialect added and quotes handling in dialects and Active Record * release.map builder for Update Assistant * PDOAdapter strict boolean checking * Theming documentation added * Translation subsystem * in-template i18n function * new StopTypingListener added * SynCron periodical and/or delayed execution manager * TableGateway database access using ArrayAccess interface There are also new example applications in examples/ directory. Update (13 Nov, 2007): we have DR1.6.1 update which fixes the following bugs: * ActionAggregate bug. 'adapters()' should read 'adapters' * Smarty severe performance loss in View fixed * throbber is now in fixed position * \n, \r and \t optimisation in css.phphttp://tigermouse.epsi.pl/feed.php?id=16 Tigermouse on Ubuntu 7.10http://tigermouse.epsi.pl/news.php?id=15Ubuntu 7.10 code named Gutsy Gibbon is the first release that Tigermouse can be run on without editing config files. See the instruction below on how to set up your system. You need to install web server, PHP5 and Smarty. Some PDO packages are useful, too. To do so open up a terminal window and type: sudo apt-get install apache2 libapache2-mod-php5 php5 php5-cli smarty php5-sqlite php5-sqlite3 Then you will have to enable Apache userdir module to allow home directories to be accessible via web. Type: sudo a2enmod userdir sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart After web server restarts it is time to prepare your working environment. Go to your home directory and create folder named public_html. Then download Tigermouse and unpack it there. Open includes.php and change Smarty path to 'smarty/Smarty.class.php', save and exit. Finally, give write permission to specific folders. To do so, go back to your console window and type cd ~/public_html/tigermouse/ chmod 1777 var/log chmod 1777 var/cache chmod 1777 var/smarty/compile chmod 1777 var/sqlite Now you can type the following URL in your web browser: http://localhost/~username/tigermouse replacing username with your system login name. Enjoy your newly installed Tigermouse! During further development you will probably need some database related packages. For database connectivity PDO is recommended. You will find suitable PDO drivers in packages php5-mysql, or php5-pgsql depending on which database engine you choose.http://tigermouse.epsi.pl/feed.php?id=15 Developer Release 1.5 (Alpha)http://tigermouse.epsi.pl/news.php?id=3DR 1.5 is ready for download. It features many DB improvements, i18n support, keyboard shortcuts, role-based access control system and numerous fixes and improvements. http://tigermouse.epsi.pl/feed.php?id=3 Welcomehttp://tigermouse.epsi.pl/news.php?id=1Welcome to new Tigermouse project web site. Look around and see what's happening. Not all sections are currently operable, so don't be confused. After all it's still beta. http://tigermouse.epsi.pl/feed.php?id=1 Developer Release 1.4.2 (Alpha)http://tigermouse.epsi.pl/news.php?id=2DR1.4.2 is a maintenance release that fixes few errors. From changelog: * Arguments passed via AJAX are Base64 encoded * Initial user documentation * ActiveRecord caching overhauled * ActiveRecord relation handling reworked * ActiveRecord test added * Old templates removed * Added unique ID guard at client side * 0 arguments in handler bug fixedhttp://tigermouse.epsi.pl/feed.php?id=2