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Our goal is to develop high quality web applications framework for PHP and AJAX. We follow the best practices of software engineering to provide reliable, ready for changes and easily maintainable solution.
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Fine grained access control is provided by Role Based Access Control Filter. Abstract out access to set of controller methods as Activity, abstract out activities as Roles then give roles to users. No further in-code checking is needed.
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Developer Release 1.6 (and 1.6.1)

»11 Nov 2007

I am happy to announce immediate availability of Tigermouse DR1.6.1. Download it from Sourceforge. This release introduces many interesting features and fixes old bugs. Significant contribution has been made by Antoine Choppin and Bill Noyce. If you wish to upgrade your installation, please use Upgrade Assistant from menu on left.

From changelog:

  • RequestSetupFilter fixes (corrupt FormContexts, 0 confused with empty string)
  • Window wrapper size fixes (horizontal, vertical in IE)
  • Release map builder in autobuild.php script
  • one-to-one relations removed from ActiveRecord
  • SQLDataSource constructor change, DBAdapter parameter optional
  • Javascript base64 encoding workaround
  • Quotes bug fixed in Form valueReader()
  • Quotes handling in views
  • update() handler rewrite
  • MySQLDialect added and quotes handling in dialects and Active Record
  • release.map builder for Update Assistant
  • PDOAdapter strict boolean checking
  • Theming documentation added
  • Translation subsystem
  • in-template i18n function
  • new StopTypingListener added
  • SynCron periodical and/or delayed execution manager
  • TableGateway database access using ArrayAccess interface

There are also new example applications in examples/ directory.

Update (13 Nov, 2007): we have DR1.6.1 update which fixes the following bugs:

  • ActionAggregate bug. 'adapters()' should read 'adapters'
  • Smarty severe performance loss in View fixed
  • throbber is now in fixed position
  • \n, \r and \t optimisation in css.php

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