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Our goal is to develop high quality web applications framework for PHP and AJAX. We follow the best practices of software engineering to provide reliable, ready for changes and easily maintainable solution.
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Employ Translation classes to automate data conversion between Model and View. Use WikiTranslator to convert Wiki formatting to HTML.
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Developer Release 1.7

»20 Jan 2008

After 3 months of rather lazy development there is DR1.7 available for download. Focusing on error abbility has been added, Javascript bridging for HTML response is now available, caching subsystem, Wiki translation gratly improved and new documentation are just to name few. See the full change log.

Changes in Tigermouse DR1.7:

  • FocusFilter added
  • focus-on-error facility for Validation subsystem
  • HTTPResponse reworked so now Javascript bindings work for regular requests, too
  • Regular requests now may require controllers to return root view (e.g. Index)
  • Caching subsystem implemented as InterceptingFilter
  • ActionAggregate replaced with ActionComposite accepting arrays
  • Listener now accepts multiple IActionAdapter in constructor
  • ViewXMLBuilder infrastructure added
  • WikiTranslator improvements, ToC support added
  • SQL condition based ActiveRecord loading
  • User/Auth model classes added
  • Action string absolute paths
  • Built-in documentation
  • HTTPResponse/HTTPRequest classes renamed due to colision with http extension
  • Window is now in fixed position
  • WikiTranslator now can be appended with custom modes

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31 Jan 2008 matix:
Simple to use. Nice framework