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Our goal is to develop high quality web applications framework for PHP and AJAX. We follow the best practices of software engineering to provide reliable, ready for changes and easily maintainable solution.
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Fine grained access control is provided by Role Based Access Control Filter. Abstract out access to set of controller methods as Activity, abstract out activities as Roles then give roles to users. No further in-code checking is needed.
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Ongoing development outline

»21 Mar 2008

Long time no news. We had an outage few days ago, but things are back up now. Domain name and hosting space were extended for another year. Some development has been made recently and DB subsystem is now totally overhauled. I decided to toss old DBAdapter model in favour of PDO. All database operations are now automatically escaped improving overall security. Also, DBFactory has been greatly improved providing easy access to many connections as well as different config files (much like Ruby/Rails). Documentation has been updated to address changes.

Pull the latest SVN and test new DB layer implementation. All feedback is welcome.

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24 Mar 2008 Danny:
I checked out latest code rev 202 from svn. The DocumentationCtrl.class.php contains a reference to an undefined method - AuthService::getCurrentUserId()
I worked around it by defining a stub function which seems to work fine for the time being.
Danny Lieberman
07 Apr 2008 Michał Słaby:
As of r207 database access layer rewrite is complete. It's been improved despite being simplified. Various DBAdapters are gone now, so are SQLDialect classes. SQL dialects are now handled different way and PDO became the only way for accessing db. Expect documentation updates soon.
07 Apr 2008 Michał Słaby:
Hi Danny,
svn trunk is a battlefield where some methods die and some get seriously injured ;-) Now, recent updates brought fixes to User class, also authentication layer has been rewritten and is partially usable. I have also fixed bug on this web page that prevented comments from showing up.