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Our goal is to develop high quality web applications framework for PHP and AJAX. We follow the best practices of software engineering to provide reliable, ready for changes and easily maintainable solution.
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Fine grained access control is provided by Role Based Access Control Filter. Abstract out access to set of controller methods as Activity, abstract out activities as Roles then give roles to users. No further in-code checking is needed.
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»10 Apr 2008

When I started Tm over 2 years ago it was merely a request dispatcher with Ajax handler and view infrastructure. On model part there was only simple DataSource aiding table views. There was million of things missing. Now, as it grows and gets feature complete I am wondering how could it be improved even more.

So here I go directly to you - developers, users, potential contributors and missed audience - with two questions:

  • What is the biggest missing thing in Tigermouse?
  • How would you like Tigermouse to improve in near term?

Life is about making correct choices, so choose your two missing features and share them. I want to implement your requests now!

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10 Apr 2008 Michał Słaby:
My personal favourites are: 1. documentation loaded with tons of examples showing flexibility of the framework, and 2. fixes that will bring DR1.8 to the door.
18 Apr 2008 Michał Słaby:
12 May 2008 Anonymous Coward:
Snippet ability to generate a program which can inserted into a website as a wiget so you don't have to handle the whole website with tigermouse and can stick to standard CMS systems but get the flexibility you need by adding small Ajax programs.
12 May 2008 Anonymous Coward:
Using Tigermouse as a Library and not a framework to be able to develop multi level applications which can e.G. run on a website, with gtk and on a console :)
12 May 2008 Anonymous Coward:
Extra classes would be great, like combo box (which gives suggestions on a text box). A toolbar would be cool too, maybe even ribbon style. But full documentation would be really really good!
15 May 2008 Anonymous Coward:
Really important- SQL Injection safe in active record. It fails on '
18 May 2008 Phalanger:
Could we have an online forum? I have been working through the frame work and have fixes/features but would much rather present them in a nice, lively online forum for input.
19 May 2008 Michał Słaby:
Hi, all SQL Injection vulnerabilities should be patched in DR1.8 - the DB layer has been completely rewritten to use PDO and all queries are automatically escaped.
19 May 2008 Michał Słaby:
Phalanger - unfortunately, I have no spare time to take care of web forum. You can sign up to mailing list, which has been pretty reliable, so far. Or start a forum yourself - I would link to external forum with pleasure.
21 May 2008 Anonymous Coward:
Email password does not seem to be working on the site
17 Jul 2008 Anonymous Coward:
It would be nice to have more UI components and extended features of current components like:
Table with data paginator & expandable tree view
RichText editor (e.g. implement FCKEditor)
Calendar component (datepicker & simple calendar)
(i tried to write in the sort of importance..)
Good luck,
it's a good project for PHP
Szabolcs Fruhwald
14 Oct 2008 Anonymous Coward:
i have found your nice "tool" when i was looking for an framework. It looks very interesting so i would like to "look a little bit deeper in it". But i ask me if the Project is dead because the last news was written in april!
14 Oct 2008 Michał Słaby:
Unfortunately, the project is discontinued. I may get back to it in my spare time, but currently I am working on something else. Please feel free to use/develop it if you want to, it's an open source, free software project that is intended to be shared across interested parties.
20 Oct 2008 Anonymous Coward:
When is version 1.8 being released? I don't hope that will be once there are more features included. Because of the SQL injection vulnerability I would prefer a version 1.7.1. Furthermore it seems the best framework I've seen so far!
11 May 2009 Anonymous Coward:
1. Biggest missing thing in Tigermouse?
-> documentation for both users and developers.
2. How would I like Tigermouse to improve in near term?
-> concentrate on Presentation layer!
i.e.: tm should be something like gtk+, not a gnome/glib package.
19 Aug 2009 Anonymous Coward:
let me try it...
23 Jan 2010 Anonymous Coward:
23 Jan 2010 Anonymous Coward:
22 Jul 2010 Anonymous Coward:
First of all TM is great. Compared to other popular frameworks is lightweight and carefully designed. There is almost no garbage in the code. I didn't used TM but reviewed source for education. Anyway, some fast thoughts:
1. RequestSetupFilter::preProcess() - slashes must be removed, not added!
2. Code should be reworked to depend on autoloader only.
3. Upgrade names and autoloader to PHP5.3 namespaces.
4. Sometimes design patterns make code too generic and difficult to read. Eg. I don't like filters in FrontCtrl, also often used generic verb names: update, dispath, finalize etc instead of something that tell about context.
PS: Sorry for bad english. arturm
09 Sep 2010 Anonymous Coward:
Dont know if project still is alive, would be nice though...
just wanted to ask if there is allready a patch to use with php 5.3 (error on call_user_func_array() )
18 Nov 2011 Anonymous Coward:
20 Apr 2012 Anonymous Coward: